[Renewal History]

24,Jan,2010Add CG of Claire.
1,Jan,2010Add CG of Yoshika Miyafuji.
9,Mar,2008Add CG of Xiaolin.
1,Jan,2008Add CG of Xiaolin.
29,Dec,2007Add CG of Hayate and add information of DOJIN activity.
23,Nov,2007Add CG of Fate and add information of DOJIN activity.
9,Oct,2007Add CG of Louise.
2,Sep,2007Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 23th MoeVote.
5,Jun,2007Add information of DOJIN activity.
27,May,2007Add CG of Xiaolin and add link to [Triple Moon].
6,May,2007Add CG of Xiaolin.
30,Apr,2007Add CG of Arche Klaine.
10,Apr,2007Add CG of Ai Enma.
31,Mar,2007Add CG of Xiaolin.
20,Feb,2007Add CG of Alice and add CGs by Yutaka Fuji and Tsukishiro.
6,Feb,2007Add CG of Nadeshiko and add CG by [Club Angelica].
17,Jan,2007Add CG of Xiaolin and add link to [Club Angelica].
11,Jan,2007Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 21st MoeVote.
1,Jan,2007Add CG of Xiaolin and add CG by Akichin.
21,Dec,2006Add CG of Xiaolin.
28,Nov,2006Add CG of August.
15,Nov,2006Add CG of Lina Inverse.
7,Nov,2006Add CG of Akari and add information of DOJIN activity.
29,Oct,2006Add CG of Alice and add Result of 20th MoeVote.
29,Aug,2006Add CG by Yutaka Fujiand add information of DOJIN activity.
2,Aug,2006Add CG of Xiaolin and add information of DOJIN activity.
27,Jun,2006Add CG of Xiaolin.
14,Jun,2006Add CG of Shana.
1,Jun,2006Add CG of Xiaolin and add information of DOJIN activity.
19,May,2006Add CG of Shiratori.
18,Apr,2006Add CG of Manager.
3,Apr,2006Add CG of Xiaolin.
13,Feb,2006Add CG of Yuki.
29,Jan,2006Add CG of Xiaolin.
15,Jan,2006Add CG of Rei Otonashi.
10,Jan,2006Add CG by Yutaka Fuji.
1,Jan,2006Add two CGs of Xiaolin and add CG by Yutaka Fuji. Add link to [Olufix].
23,Dec,2005Add CG of Xiaolin.
28,Nov,2005Add CG of Xiaolin.
13,Nov,2005Add CG of Yoshino Shimadu and add Result of 17th MoeVote. Add CG by Yutaka Fuji.
25,Oct,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and add CG by Tsukishiro.
10,Oct,2005Add CG of Xiaolin.
1,Oct,2005Add CG of Kiryu.
11,Sep,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 16th MoeVote.
4,Sep,2005Add CG of Rei Otonashi.
21,Aug,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Tsukishiro.
20,Aug,2005Add CGs by TAKACHAN, Yutaka Fuji and Tsukishiro.
25,Jul,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Tsukishiro.
3,Jul,2005Add CG of Kozue Aoba.
20,Jun,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 15th MoeVote.
31,May,2005Add information of DOJIN activity.
30,May,2005Add CG of Sunrise Izumo and Seto.
8,May,2005Add CG of Shoko and add link to [October Factory].
1,May,2005Move to [http://flatstation.com/].
11,Apr,2005Add CG of Impreza.
4,Apr,2005Add CG of Canal.
13,Mar,2005Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 14th MoeVote. Add link to [WantonLand] and [NekomimiLove].
20,Feb,2005Add CG of Kiryu.
3,Feb,2005Add CG of Xiaolin.
24,Jan,2005Add CG of Xiaolin.
26,Dec,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Akichin.
19,Dec,2004Add CG of Haduki.
13,Dec,2004Add CG of Haduki.
13,Nov,2004Add CG of Train Girl (JNR Type185).
11,Nov,2004Add information of DOJIN activity.
6,Nov,2004Add CG of Karin.
16,Oct,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and add Result of 12th MoeVote.
3,Oct,2004Add CG by Fuji.
13,Sep,2004Add CG of Kiryu.
5,Sep,2004Add CG of Narue.
28,Aug,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and picture by Syerupa63.
22,Aug,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs by Tsukishiro, Take and yosiaki.
8,Aug,2004Add CG of Rin Asakura.
2,Aug,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs by TAKACHAN and Shin-bu.
26,Jul,2004Add CG of Skuld.
11,Jul,2004Add Result of 11th MoeVote.
2,Jul,2004Add CG of Shiki.
13,Jun,2004Add CG of Yomei.
6,Jun,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and add infomation of DOJIN activity.
30,May,2004Add CG of Train Girl and CG by Yutaka Fuji.
23,May,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Tsukisiro.
15,May,2004Add CG of Kiryu and add links to [Cat of the moon] and [Blade Getten].
9,May,2004Add CG of Train Girl (JR-East Type231-900).
2,May,2004Add CG of Aoi Sakuraba.
25,Apr,2004Add CG of Kiryu.
18,Apr,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Tsukisiro. Add Result of 10th MoeVote.
11,Apr,2004Add Pictures of Train.
28,Mar,2004Add CG of Xiaolin.
21,Mar,2004Add CG of Xiaolin.
13,Mar,2004Add CG of Xiaolin.
7,Mar,2004Add CG of Chitose and link to [Tama187].
28,Feb,2004Add CG of Kiryu.
21,Feb,2004Add CG of Xiaolin.
14,Feb,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and link to [HALF SERIOUS].
8,Feb,2004Add CG of Shima Katase.
1,Feb,2004Add Result of 9th MoeVote and CGs by Surume and Yuki Kagura.
31,Jan,2004Add CG of Mone and open the supprt of Flat Stream 4.
25,Jan,2004Add CG of Waffle.
17,Jan,2004Add CG of Kiryu.
11,Jan,2004Add CG of Xiaolin and link to [Fuzy Moon].
4,Jan,2004Add CG of Xiaolin.
1,Jan,2004Add CG of Shoko and add link to [Wonderland of SURUME].
24,Dec,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
20,Dec,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
13,Dec,2003Add CG of Aoi Sakuraba and CG by Tsukishiro.
29,Nov,2003Add CG of Kiryu.
21,Nov,2003Add CG of Karen and add link to [Kaeru's Kimochi].
14,Nov,2003Add CG of Rin Asakura and add SS by Gen.
9,Nov,2003Add information of DOJIN activity.
1,Nov,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
24,Oct,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
12,Oct,2003Add CG of Chii and link to [Yomikoro].
4,Oct,2003Add CG of Kiryu.
21,Sep,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
14,Sep,2003Add CG of Xiaolin and CG by Tsukishiro.
5,Sep,2003Add CG of Yomei.
31,Aug,2003Add CGs by Tsukishiro, Makoto Katsuragi and Plain. Add link to [Factory of Himematsu Shigi]
29,Aug,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
9,Aug,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
6,Aug,2003Add information of DOJIN activity.
1,Aug,2003Add CG of Shima Katase and CG by yosiaki.
25,Jul,2003Add CG of Xiaolin and link to [MilkCAN].
18,Jul,2003Add CG of Shima Katase.
11,Jul,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
4,Jul,2003Add CG of Mahoro and add link to [Kishino Shouji].
27,Jun,2003Add CG of Ruang.
20,Jun,2003Add CG of Shima Katase and CG by Kiiro Ito.
13,Jun,2003Add CG of Shima Katase.
7,Jun,2003Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs by TAKACHAN and Tsukishiro.
4,Jun,2003Add information of DOJIN activity.
22,May,2003Add CG of Yomei.
16,May,2003Add CG of Lumiere.
9,May,2003Add CG of Yomei.
2,May,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
25,Apr,2003Add CG of Erika and link to [Shin MUKIRYOKU].
18,Apr,2003Add CG of GETTEN Girls.
11,Apr,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
4,Apr,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
28,Mar,2003Add CG of Eclair.
21,Mar,2003Add CG of Sakura.
14,Mar,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
7,Mar,2003Add CG of Kiryuu and link to [Manhattan Project].
28,Feb,2003Add CG of Aoi and CG by Tsukishiro.
21,Feb,2003Add CG of Mint and add link to [Skish-Area].
14,Feb,2003Add CG of Ishieru and Shela and picture taken by Syerupa63
7,Feb,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
1,Feb,2003Add CG of Ekryua.
24,Jan,2003Add CG of Shia.
17,Jan,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
10,Jan,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
1,Jan,2003Add CG of Xiaolin.
27,Dec,2002Add CG of Fei & Xiaolin and CG by yosiaki & Yutaka Fuji.
20,Dec,2002Add CG of Shouko and CG by Tsukishiro.
13,Dec,2002Add CG of Xiaolin and add link to [aya].
6,Dec,2002Add CG of Yukine.
2,Dec,2002Add link to [MONDNACHT LANDSCHAFT] and [Tama's Homepage], and add information of DOJIN activity.
29,Nov,2002Add CG of El-Hazard and add photoes by Syerupa.
22,Nov,2002Add CG of Mahoro and add link to [CG Search]
15,Nov,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
9,Nov,2002Add CG of Nayuki and Report of the character vote. Persona "Yukine" is opened to a public.
1,Nov,2002Add CG of Rizeru.
30,Oct,2002Add report of the travel on Oosaka.
25,Oct,2002Add CG of Kiryu.
11,Oct,2002Add CG of Misha.
4,Oct,2002Add CG of Mahoro.
27,Sep,2002Add CG of El-Hazard.
24,Sep,2002Add report of the travel on Ooita.
20,Sep,2002Add CG of Shia.
13,Sep,2002Add CG of Shiori and Saori.
6,Sep,2002Add CG of Xiaolin and CG drawed by Fulin.
30,Aug,2002Add CG of Akaha.
25,Aug,2002Add Report of the character vote and add link to [El-Hazard, the Madness World]
9,Aug,2002Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs drawed by Tsukishiro and Kagura, add link to [Fulin's Rented House] and [Homepage of KuriKuron], and add information of DOJIN activity.
4,Aug,2002Add CGs drawed by Hi.Ro.Pon, Miu and yosiaki.
2,Aug,2002Add CG of Rafeel.
26,Jul,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
19,Jul,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
14,Jul,2002Add CG of Sakura.
7,Jul,2002Add report of the travel on Izumo.
5,Jul,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
28,Jun,2002Add sample CGs of Yukine.
21,Jun,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
14,Jun,2002Add CG of Ishieru.
10,Jun,2002Add Report of the character vote.
6,Jun,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
31,May,2002Add CG of Cuquelicot and add link to [seRenity].
24,May,2002Add CG of Tomoyo.
21,Mar,2002Add CG drawed by Tsukishiro and add link to [Sweet Girls], [Anime Attribute], [Room of Sherpa 63] and [Opal Color Candy Box].
17,May,2002Add CG of Rishu.
3,May,2002Add CG of Shiori Saori.
26,Apr,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
19,Apr,2002Add CG of Ifrita.
12,Apr,2002Add CG of Rishu.
7,Apr,2002Add link to [Dark Night Guild].
5,Apr,2002Add CG of Nayuki.
31,Mar,2002Add CG of Yukine.
22,Mar,2002Add Event Corner.
21,Mar,2002Add CG of Shirayuki.
17,Mar,2002Add CG of Kokoro.
10,Mar,2002Add CG drawed by Makoto Katsuragi and CG drawed by Yutaka Fuji.
24,Feb,2002Add CG of Sakura.
15,Feb,2002Add CG of Azaling.
9,Feb,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
3,Feb,2002Add link to [Hi.Ro.Pon's home].
1,Feb,2002Add CG of Fatra.
27,Jan,2002Add Mail Sending Page.
26,Jan,2002Add link to [GAMEPARA(AKIDUKI Book Store)].
25,Jan,2002Add CG of Maya.
18,Jan,2002Add CG of Fatra & Makoto.
11,Jan,2002Add CG of Quaul.
1,Jan,2002Add CG of Xiaolin.
26,Dec,2001Add CG drawed by Takaya.
24,Dec,2001Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs drawed by Makoto Katsuragi, NAO, Yutaka Fuji and Kurenai.
21,Dec,2001Add CG of Xiaolin and kinl to [TAKACHANs Gallery].
14,Dec,2001Add CG of Narusawa.
7,Dec,2001Add CG of Mahoro.
2,Dec,2001Add CG drawed by Mika Kyubi.
30,Nov,2001Add CG of Sakura.
13,Nov,2001Add CG of Shela.
2,Nov,2001Add CG of Afrah.
26,Oct,2001Add CG of Xiaolin(Little sexy...).
21,Oct,2001Add link to [Soft Circle Serendipity].
19,Oct,2001Add CG of Mahoro.
12,Oct,2001Add CG of Xiaolin and Wallpaper.
4,Oct,2001Add CG of Sakura.
28,Sep,2001Add CG of Rune & Fatra.
25,Sep,2001Add link to [Link Station of DOUJINSHI].
20,Sep,2001Add CG of Hikaru.
16,Sep,2001Add link to [ANNA-KONNA-SONNA].
13,Sep,2001Add CG of Chii.
6,Sep,2001Add CG of Fatra & Makoto and CG drawed by R.
31,Aug,2001Add CG of Kiryu and CG drawed by Ooya.
26,Aug,2001Add link to [PastTime].
24,Aug,2001Add CG of Ifrina and CG drawed by Kappy.
19,Aug,2001Add CG drawed by Akira.
18,Aug,2001Add CG of Xiaolin(Little sexy...) ,CG drawed by Takaya and link to [CLEAR WATER].
11,Aug,2001Add CG of Xiaolin and CGs drawed by Kurenai & Tekkun.
2,Aug,2001Add CG of Misaki Suzuhara.
29,Jul,2001Add CG drawed by Mika Kyubi and add link to [OMOSHIRO-BARGER] and [SHAKE].
27,Jul,2001Add CG of Sakura add CG drawed by Mikumo.
19,Jul,2001Add CG of Xiaolin(Little sexy...) add CG drawed by NAO.
12,Jul,2001Add CG of Mirror.
7,Jul,2001Add CG of Shoko(Little sexy...)
21,Jun,2001Add CG of Xiaolin(Little sexy...)
17,Jun,2001Add CG drawed by Beluga
14,Jun,2001Add CG of Xiaolin
8,Jun,2001Add CG of kitten(Orijinal).
31,May,2001Add CG of Mirror.
25,May,2001Add CG of Lina Inverse.
18,May,2001Add CG of Xiaolin(Little sexy...) and add link of [Garasu-no-Takarabako]
13,May,2001Add CG of Xiaolin and add link of [SUNNY SIDE]
26,Apr,2001Add CG of Sakura, add CG of Quaul & add wallpaper of Sakura.
20,Apr,2001Add CG of Chii & Sumomo and add link of [Dispatchers]
13,Apr,2001Add CG of Xiaolin. (Little Sexy...)
11,Apr,2001Add link to [Ajisai-no-Koro]
9,Apr,2001Add CG drawed by Yutaka Fuji
6,Apr,2001Add CG of Xiaolin
1,Apr,2001Add CG of Ifrita and add link to [BOXWOOD]
28,Mar,2001Add link to [Suna-no-LoveLetter]
25,Mar,2001Add CG of Sakura, add wallpaper, add CG drawed by R.
21,Mar,2001Add link to [Fuji-no-Teien]
13,Mar,2001Add CG of Chii.
5,Mar,2001Add CG of Quaul.
1,Mar,2001Add CG drawed by Masago
25,Feb,2001Add CG of Xiaolin. (Little Sexy...)
18,feb,2001Add CG of Sakura.
16,Feb,2001Add CG drowed by R
12,Feb,2001Renewal the BBS
11,Feb,2001Add CG of Canal and add link to [Smoking Word-Processor]
7,Feb,2001Add CG drawed by Kyuubi
2,Feb,2001Add CG of Fatla
29,Jan,2001Add CG of Afrah
22,Jan,2001Add CG of Rune
13,Jan,2001Add link to [BAGURI San No HomePage]
9,Jan,2001Add link to [Waffle GARDEN SITE]
7,Jan,2001Add CG of Sakura
1,Jan,2001Add CG of Xiaolin
29,Dec,2000Add CG of Sakura , add CGs drowed by R , Takuya and NAO and add link to [Tougenkyou no Bouka]
15,Dec,2000Add CG of Sakura and Tomoyo
7,Dec,2000Add CG of Xiaolin (little sexy...) and add link to [Jyouge Miracle Sou]
2,Dec,2000Add link to [Star Light Heroine]
24,Nov,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
17,Nov,2000Add CG of Sakura
14,Nov,2000Add CG drawed by Muu and add link to [Mukiryoku Station]
10,Nov,2000Add CG of Kiryu
4,Nov,2000Add wallpaper and add link to [MoeMoe Search]
3,Nov,2000Add CG of Sakura
30,Oct,2000Add link to [Entertainment Categorizer GOTI]
27,Oct,2000Add CG of Shela
20,Oct,2000Add CG of Xiaolin (little sexy...)
18,Oct,2000Add link to [SEA-LINKS]
15,Oct.2000Add link to [Chocolate Parfait]
14,Oct,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
8,Oct,2000Add CG of Sakura
29,Sep,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
15,Sep,2000Add CG of Sakura
13,Sep,2000Add link to [Misidia Kaihou-Sensen]
6,Sep,2000Add link to [King's Wind] and [Sakura's Room]
5,Sep,2000Add CG drawed by R and CG drawed by Muu
3,Sep,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
24,Aug,2000Add CG drawed by Kappy
21,Aug,2000Add CG drawed by Takahashi and CG drawed by Shinbu
12,Aug,2000Add CG of Sakura
11,Aug,2000Renewal BBS
4,Aug,2000Add CG of Fatla
31,Jul,2000Add CG drawed by Run
30,Jul,2000Add link to [Mix Pizza]
29,Jul,2000Add CG of Xiaolin (little sexy...)
27,Jul,2000Add CG drawed by Kamoshika and CG drawed by kuranama
23,Jul,2000Add CG drawed by R
17,Jul,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
8,Jul,2000Add link to [SeraphicFeathers]
4,Jul,2000Add CG of Sakura
25,Jun,2000Add CG of Sakura and Tomoyo
16,Jun,2000Add CG of Sakura
13,Jun,2000Renewal design of Toppage
3,Jun,2000Add link to [NEKO-Lin Search]
29,May,2000Add link to [LITTLE BOX]
27,May,2000Add CG of Kurumi
23,May,2000Add link to [Shooting Star]
21,May,2000Add link to [MIKUMO GRAFFITI] and [MILK FAMILY]
20,May,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
16,May,2000Add link to [Lovely Eyes]
14,May,2000Add link to [Anime Channel!]
13,May,2000Renewal banners
7,May,2000Add CG of Xiaolin and one wallpaper
2,May,2000Add link to [Studio R]
26,Apl,2000Add link to [La bateau LUNARIA]
23,Apl,2000Add CG of Sakura
20,Apl,2000Open BBS
14,Apl,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
7,Apl,2000Add CG of Sakura
24,Mar,2000Add CG of Tomoyo , Renewal design of toppage
21,Mar,2000Add link to [Komugi's Room (Komugi-no-Heya)]
12,May,2000Add CG of Sakura
18,Feb,2000Add CG by TAMA , thanks!
5,Feb,2000Add CG of Xiaolin (little sexy...)
24,Jan,2000Add link to [Aruga-Mama]
23,Jan,2000Add link to [Koubou-Gurantsu] and [Dream Party]
21,Jan,2000Add CG of Xiaolin
18,Jan,2000Renewal design of toppage
13,Jan,2000Add wallpaper
11,Jan,2000Add link to [Puramu-Kan]
10,Jan,2000Add CG of Sakura
6,Jan,2000Add many CG by friends , thanks!
25,Dec,1999Add CG of Xiaolin (little sexy...)
16,Dec,1999Add CG of Xiaolin
13,Dec,1999Add link to [WILL]
11,Dec,1999Add CG of Tomoyo
4,Dec,1999Add CG of Xiaolin
29,Nov,1999Add link to [Ani-mega Serch] and [Cyber Amaterasu]
28,Nov,1999Add CG by Kyuubi Mika , thanks!
27,Nov,1999Add CG of Sakura
23,Nov,1999Renerwal design of toppage
22,Nov,1999Open a wallpaper corner
20,Nov,1999Add CG of Xiaolin and add link to [Shin-Bu-Kan]
17,Nov,1999Add link to [Sakura Jikan]
15,Nov,1999Add link to [Maika-no Mixing room] and [PRIMARY'S]
13,Nov,1999Add CG of Xiaolin
11,Nov,1999Add link to [Multi-Link]
10,Nov,1999Add link to [MARURU COLOR] , [Cherry Town] and [Happy Home Page]
8,Nov,1999Add link to [Hiraderu's Room (Hiraderu-no-Heya)]
3,Nov,1999Renewal design of toppage and add CG of Sakura
27,Oct,1999Add link to [S.T's Home Page]
23,Oct,1999Add CG of Sakura
22,Oct,1999Join [DAIDOUJI.COM]
21,Oct,1999Add link to [Navi-no Chabu-dai]
20,Oct,1999Add link to [Garally Kapuchi]
19,Oct,1999Add CG by Yoshy , thanks!
18,Oct,1999Add link to [Nike's HOMEPAGE] and [Appie Houre]
17,Oct,1999Add CG of Sakura
12,Oct,1999Add link to [CHB Homepage]
10,Oct,1999Add CG of Sakura
6,Oct,1999Add link to [Temae-Miso Koubou]
5,Oct,1999Renewal Link-Engine , Add link to [BannerClub] and [Aroana Club]
3,Oct,1999Add link to [Takahashi Club]
1,Oct,1999Add CG of Sakura
28,Sep,1999Add link to [Anime Post]
25,Sep,1999Add CG of Jinto&Rafeel
18,Sep,1999Add link to [Multi Link]
14,Sep,1999Add link to [Xiao Ring]
11,Sep,1999Add link to [Reverse Window]
10,Sep,1999Add Quiz in Train corner
8,Sep,1999Add link to [TAMA'S HOMEPAGE]
1,Sep,1999Open Flat Station