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[On the copyright in CG]

The copyright concering the work introduced on this webpage belongs to me. There is no permission and it is forbidden to reprint. I follow this rule written by CLAMP on the portrait right in animation characters.

[On linking]

The link to this site goes freely and is not cared about. In that case , when mail can be gotten , it is glad. I will surely ask following URL when link put on this site.

Banner must use the following things freely.

Xaiolin (Full Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banner.gif
Xiaolin (Full Size) / 200*40dot
Xaoiln (Mini Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banners.gif
Xiaolin (Mini Size) / 88*31dot
Sakura (Full Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banner2.gif
Sakura (Full Size) / 200*40dot
Sakura (Mini Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banner2s.gif
Sakura (Mini Size) / 88*31dot
Quaul (Full Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banner3.gif
Quaul (Full Size) / 200*40dot
Quaul (Mini Size) http://flatstation.com/cg/banner3s.gif
Quaul (Mini Size) / 88*31dot

For example ,

<A HREF="http://flatstation.com/index.html">
<IMG SRC="http://flatstation.com/cg/banner.gif"
ALT="Flat Station" BORDER="0" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="40"></A>

The mutual link is not received now. But if you connects about a link ,I may link your site.